• ecobee Enhanced Smart Thermostat

    ecobee Enhanced Smart Thermostat

    $59.00 The ecobee Enhanced Smart Thermostat knows when you’re home and turns down the heat or cooling when your house is empty. Gives recommendations for minor temperature adjustments that maximize savings. Adjusts the temperature to account for humidity so your home always feels like the temperature you’ve set. Pre-cools or pre-heats your home before you arrive, […]
  • ecobee Premium Smart Thermostat

    ecobee Premium Smart Thermostat

    $119.00 The ecobee Premium’s smart features and easy scheduling help you save up to 26% annually on heating and cooling (compared to a hold of 72°F) by changing your home’s temperature based on your routine and who’s home. Plus, you’ll get monthly energy reports that show you how much you’ve saved and how to save even […]
  • Google Nest Learning Thermostat

    Google Nest Learning Thermostat


    This model is not free, but can be purchased at additional cost

  • Google Nest Thermostat

    Google Nest Thermostat

    Free Meet the Nest Thermostat, the helpful thermostat with a cozy price. It can turn itself down to save energy when you leave the house. You can control it from anywhere with the Google Home app – whether you’reon an errand or on vacation. You can even change the temperature without getting off the couch or […]